Podcast Launch Service

Everything you need to launch a podcast - all in under 4 weeks.

4 Weeks
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...with a minimum of 2 episodes per month for a minimum 6-month commitment.

About the package

  • Podcast Strategy Workshop
    In-person or virtual session to develop podcast objectives and positioning. Includes creation of premise and how to blend key messaging into the narrative. Results in the creation of a ‘Show Blueprint’ – everything you need to launch, distribute, and grow a successful podcast.  
  • Podcast Hosting Set-Up
    Set-up of chosen podcast hosting platform (e.g. Anchor), including production of SEO-friendly podcast description and listing into all relevant podcast directories.
  • Equipment and Training Guidance
    Providing guidance on necessary equipment, tools, and training required to make both hosts and guests sound professional.

  • Host Training
    Workshops with podcast host on how to effectively plan and run an engaging interview with guests. Includes direct feedback on up to two interviews.
  • Distribution Strategy
    Roadmap of promotion schedule across selected channels designed to achieve agreed objectives. Produced in project management software of choice.
  • Brand Identity, Audio Identity & Cover Art Design
    Full development of podcast brand, visual and audio identity including music selection, trailer, cover art design and intro/outro.
  • Distribution Advisory
    Ongoing calls with stakeholders to provide insights on how to effectively leverage the podcast to achieve desired objectives, including sharing acorporate narrative, increasing guest pipeline through referrals and outreach, and better activating industry events.

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