Field to Fan

Breaking down the latest trends in broadcast production, fan engagement and rights monetisation with the biggest sport properties in the world.

Podcast Strategy

About The Show

Field to Fan features conversations with leaders from brroadcast industry to uncover the strategies and technologies behind some of the largest media operators in sport, TV, and film.

Throughout the series, Deltatre sits down with the movers and the shakers from the video technology industry to try to answer the important questions that stand to impact the way the world consumes content, including: 

  • Revealing the specific tactics behind keeping fans engaged all year round
  • Unpacking the strategies of rights owners and rights holders piece by piece
  • Discussing the technological implications of building video services that scale
Field to Fan


Deltatre - the global broadcast technology provider - needed to find a new way to reach and nurture prospective customers that otherwise wouldn’t respond to more conventional forms of outreach. Working with the marketing team, B2B Better developed, produced and distributed a 7-episode podcast series focussed on the intersection of sport, media and technology.

Guests included the Bundesliga, SailGP, FIVB and the Malaysia Basketball Association.

Field to Fan


This campaign was run over a 6-month period and generated over £3m in marketing-sourced pipeline and £250,000 in marketing-sourced revenue for the company.

In September 2022, the campaign was continued under a new name - The Blueprint - in collaboration with Leaders in Sport, featuring interviews with the FA, Sky Sport, New York Jets and Formula E. It currently sits as the second most-downloaded podcast series across the Leaders content network with an average 75% episode completion rate.

Field to Fan
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What Others Say

I believe B2B Better is completely reinventing marketing and communications frameworks.

Scott Novak
Head of Communications, Bruin Capital

B2B Better helped position us as an attractive investment target that led to a $120m+ exit.

Ron Downey
CEO of Massive Interactive