Podcast Production

You book the guests, record the interview and send us the files - we do the rest.

1 Week
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...with a minimum of 2 episodes per month for a minimum 6-month commitment.

About the package

  • Equipment and Training Guidance
    Providing guidance on necessary equipment, tools, and training required to make both hosts and guests sound professional. We make sure you're set-up to record a great episode.

  • Host Training
    Workshops with podcast host on how to effectively plan and run an engaging interview with guests. Includes direct feedback on up to two interviews.
  • Studio Producer
    Sitting in on interview recordings with host and guests to manage recording logistics, including audio/quality checks.

  • Audio Editing
    Full production, mastering and editing of each podcast episode. Remove background noise, dead air and those pesky "ums". Unlimited revisions until the client is satisfied. Add music, intro/outro and ad reads where relevant.

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