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Take Marketing from a Cost Centre to a Profit Driver

We help B2B Solution Providers reposition marketing to generate revenue with the modern-day B2B buyer
  • Analyse your existing strategy to figure out what generates ROI and where there is wasted spend
  • Install a system that generates high-intent leads that convert into long-term pipeline
  • Equip your team with the frameworks, training and support they need for scalable success
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More leads. More Revenue.

Selling solutions is not the same as selling an out-of-the-box product. Each deal is bespoke. Buying committees are complex. Sales cycles can be long. And often winning a deal comes down to proving you have more expertise than a similar competitor. 

You need to help customers think differently about how to address the challenges they face. And this requires a modern-day marketing approach.  We exist to help you position your company and your executives as undisputed industry experts and build an inbound marketing engine that drives new business. 

How can we help you?

Great for: Head of Marketing or Sales

Marketing Sprints

Sometimes you need someone to give their undivided attention to solving a particular challenge. We'll come in to support you in achieving a defined marketing objective - like launching an ABM programme or running a lead-gen campaign - over a single quarter.

  • Get a specific project completed - quickly
  • Free up your team to focus on the wider strategy
  • Great for testing ideas and staying agile

- Examples of Marketing Sprints -

Account-based Marketing

Turbocharge sales efforts with a 1:1 or 1:few marketing strategy 

Lead Generation

Develop a high quality lead magnet and full-funnel distribution strategy 

Social Selling

Equip your commercial team with the tools needed to close deals online

GTM Strategy

Get clarity on your target ICP, positioning and market segmentation

'MVP' Programmes

We help you launch a new channel from scratch - from podcasts to earned media

Press Coverage

Got anannouncement? We'll develop and execute a campaign to make sure it's seen

Operating in an increasingly competitive landscape, Ostmodern needed to enhance our value proposition and market positioning. We engaged with B2B Better to analyse the landscape, and hone-in on how to position ourselves for the most optimal business growth outcomes. Jason understood our problem, worked with senior stakeholders within the group - and helped us identify gaps where we can strengthen and develop. Jason was professional during the process and delivered beyond the original scope of work to support our objectives.

JB (1)
Lisa Gamreklidze

Head of Client Growth, Ostmodern
Great for: Investor or CEO

30-Day Marketing Audit

You have a marketing function in place but it doesn’t seem to quite work. Over an intense 30-day sprint, we run a comprehensive audit of the entire strategy - from infrastructure to people to go-to-market - and present our findings alongside a 12-month plan on how to reorient your marketing towards revenue.

  • Full-funnel analysis - from marketing to sales to success
  • Includes deep-dive customer and competitor research
  • Receive a 12-month Starter Marketing Roadmap and org chart

I believe Jason is completely reinventing B2B marketing and communications frameworks. His experience as an analyst adds a new dimension of practicality and data-driven metrics that can be difference-making to an organization and an executive’s career trajectory.

Scott Novak

Head of Communications, Bruin Capital

We've helped B2B Solution Providers:

Generate $20m marketing-sourced pipeline

Exceed qualified opportunity target by 78%

Increase digital engagement by 205%


Great for: Investor or CEO

Fractional CMO Services

You know what's broken and how to fix it - you just need an experienced pair of hands to make sure it gets done. After we've run an audit, we work with you to build and scale your marketing strategy over a 12-month project.

  • Reset revenue infrastructure across marketing and sales
  • Rapidly launch new campaigns to generate opportunities
  • Fortnightly sprints to achieve targets agreed with you
  • Ongoing management, implementation and reporting

We started working with Jason at a critical time in our business. He built a robust global marketing strategy focused on driving new inbound business opportunities, and helped position Massive as an attractive investment target in the technology solutions sector that led to an eventual $120m+ exit.

Ron Downey

CEO, Massive Interactive

Why Us?

Focussed 100% on B2B Solution Providers

Our team has extensive experience building and running marketing programmes in highly complex, enterprise-level B2B Solution Providers. We know how to generate results in environments where each sale is unique.

Working on the Company and the Individual

Selling bespoke solutions successfully can often come down to how much the buyer trusts the person giving the pitch. We train your team to engage with the modern-day B2B buyer on their terms. 

Revenue Obsessed - No Vanity Metrics

Marketing is a cost-centre in most B2B companies because it isn't set up to own pipeline. We approach every project from the same place - how can the strategy drive revenue for the organisation?

Great FOR: Solo Marketers or Founders

1:1 Marketing Support

Get access to a strategic marketing expert to soundboard ideas, review assets, or evaluate the particular areas where your team feels stuck in a 1-2-1 session described by some clients as "like marketing therapy"

  • Drill down to the heart of your marketing challenges
  • Come away with practical, actionable advice
  • No long-term commitment - simply pay-as-you-go

Sessions with Jason enabled me to pause and reflect, providing unbiased, expert guidance and tools to help me navigate some of the complexities I was facing. He genuinely cared, took the time to understand the context, and provided a much-needed sounding board.

Katherine Lacey

Head of Workplace Marketing, Standard Life
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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

1:1 Marketing Support is £180 per hour and is available PAYG

Marketing Sprint Packages start at £3,000 per month with a 3-month minimum commitment

30-day Marketing Audits are £15,000 as a one-off project fee.

Fractional CMO Services start at £5,000 per month with a 12-month minimum commitment

Do you work with suppliers?

B2B Better is a Strategic Advisory firm, meaning that we work with vetted, third-party suppliers to execute and implement our plans. We can also manage internal resources (e.g. an in-house copywriter) as part of the project scope. 

Do you offer refunds?

While we have every confidence we can deliver value to your organisation, sometimes things just don't work out. If you're not satisfied for any reason in the first 30 days, we will refund the entire fee in full. 

Book your free 30-minute strategy call.

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