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Here’s One LinkedIn Experiment to Try This Week

Most start-ups find themselves in the unenviable position of 1) needing to get their message in front of the most people and 2) having next-to-no budget to support it.

Run a multi-region, months-long LinkedIn ad campaign? With those premium fees? On whose dime exactly, sir?!

That’s why finding ways to expand your organic reach is critical to finding success in B2B social media. But posting across your own channels will only get you so far. You need to think bigger.

I want to share a supremely simple, highly actionable idea that can help you boost your engagement, get you started with some employee advocacy and impress your CEO in one fell swoop. Here we go.

Try this.

To start, you need a blog post. Something that has been ghost-written in the name of one of your colleagues, ideally on a subject they have a stake in having attached to their name.

I like to start with my willing sales colleagues. What are their customers looking to them to answer right now? If you worked in robotics, it could be how to avoid an I, Robot type scenario where our sentinent, metal friends go rogue and try to bring down mankind.

You know, something highly relevant.

Once you have your blog post, you’re going to have your colleague publish it as a LinkedIn article on their personal profile.

This has two main benefits.

Watch the likes, shares and comments of your colleague’s adoring network start to roll in like a warm mist over a mountain prairie.

But it doesn’t stop here. This is when your repurposing journey begins.

First, re-share the article across your brand channels. Shine the light on their thought leadership with an organic post in your brand voice.

After two or three days, reformat the article as a Twitter thread or some other medium of choice with a link to the full article.

Finally, and I like to give it a week or two before doing this, write a short introduction, and post the article on your website’s blog with the proper accreditation.

That’s four bites from a single content apple!

When trying this in the past, I’ve seen upwards of 60% – 70% more engagement (likes, shares, comments) than when sharing a social post organically across my brand accounts that simply points to a blog post.

A few final notes worth considering.

  • If generating leads is the name of the game, I recommend peppering CTAs in your colleague’s article as if you were Salt Bae. At least three.
  • I like working with salespeople with this kind of idea as they have a vested interest in positioning themselves as a thought leader.
  • Make sure your colleague tags your brand account in both the article and their own social post promoting it. Let’s bask in that halo effect, baby.
  • I’ve heard of some brands that do this almost in lieu of having their own blog because the results are so high. Don’t limit yourself to just one crack of the whip.


Is this idea going to transform your social media into an overnight success? Not on its own, it’s not.

But I’m a believer that the future of social media will be organic, not paid. Every brand should be investing in building their thought leadership and authority across platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter and growing their audience of potential customers.

The experiment above is simply one tool to have in your arsenal on your journey to get there.